Tiny Teapots!

Suddenly, I find myself vending for BlytheCon in August, so there are a few small pottery projects in the works!

This week has been all about making tiny clay teapots! I threw the bodies and lids on a wheel and then hand-built the spouts and handles.



Go outside!

Things are ever busy with not much to show right now, but there are a few recent things to note.

This past weekend I got to play some really fun video game music with HSO Pops on their last concert of the season.  It's always exciting to have a chance to play English Horn too!








Sara T.J Ricer

T. J. and I did our third Hapalua on Sunday. This time felt pretty awful, given the fact that neither of us has really run at all in a good long time. But hey, we got medals!









Lastly, I found this super energetic baby day gecko on our steps!

Some observations:

1. I've always thought that geckos used their tails for balance, but I guess that's not always the case.




2. This one likes to slide on its belly!






3. Watch out!

now is as good a time

As I am finishing up a whirlwind several weeks, I think it's the perfect time to finally get my website up and running. I'm not a very wordy person, so this will be brief, but I'm hoping to update here with upcoming performances and events as time goes by, and as life calls for it.

During the past few weekends, I have had the honor of sharing the stage (and sometimes the pit) with the amazing Frederica ("Flicka") von Stade in Hawai'i Opera Theatre's production of Three Decembers by composer Jake Heggie and librettist Gene Sheer, both of whom were in Hawai'i for the run, along with the rest of the original cast, Kristin Clayton and Keith Phares. With performances on four different islands, I think the cast, crew, and orchestra are all due for a long nap, but I am so grateful to have had this wonderful several weeks with so many amazing musicians.

Mahalo, and a hui hou!

with Frederica von Stade

with Frederica von Stade

Kristin Clayton was amazing!

Kristin Clayton was amazing!

Keith Phares was a brilliant Charlie.

Keith Phares was a brilliant Charlie.